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In the pursuit of social obligations outside the domain of our day to day life and activities, the twelve of us formed Kholo Aankhi (Open Your Eyes) in the year 2009, an organisation to stand by the economically weaker section of society who lag behind in enjoying primary constitutional right in various spheres of life such as education, health, culture, livelihood and social justice.There are limitations but no dearth of hopes and dreams to tread our path honestly and with humility, sincerity and empathy. Education of the school-going children and economic sustenance of women from our target group are two primary objectives with which Kholo Aankhi commenced its journey. Education has reached the doors of marginalized families but lack of proper support to the children due to economic and social obstacles often stand in the way of their progress and continuity. Girl children are often neglected, if not discouraged and burdened with household works. We commit to stand by them. Even to-day, women are the worst victims of the society. Self-reliance can give them honour and dignity. We pledge to espouse their cause.

To do justice to our social responsibility---meaningful contribution to provide support to under-privileged school-going children to pursue their studies where poverty and lack of awareness among the parents stand in the way---to provide health care facilities---to cultivate their inner qualities like dance, music, painting etc---to christen them with values of life which are fast eroding in the society----to make efforts  towards empowerment of women of weaker section by creating avenues for achieving economic independence to hold aloft their  heads.

To dream of a society where each and every underprivileged child enjoys basic rights to quality and meaningful education-where women of weaker sections are empowered to live their lives with honour and dignity.

To reach out  every year to  atleast  fifty students  and fifty women of our target group for fulfillment of our mission with honesty, sincerity, transparency and above all with empathy.   

Kholo Aankhi, in its journey to stand by the downtrodden of the society pays respectful homage to late Mrigendra Mohan Guha– the humanist with never ending love for the poor with whom we were closely associated.

Within our limited capacity but with a high hope we pledge to tread our path honestly and withhumility,sincerity and empathy.

Founder & Governing Body Members :