Sahaj Path

We embarked on our journey by initiating our project on education- Sahajpath in  2009 in the two remote villages Madandanga and Kantabelia near Kalyani in the district of Nadia, West Bengal. Through this project we distributed  text- books and sahaiyakas in 2009 and 2010  to 22 and  30 needy, under-privileged school going children- most of whom were  first-generation learners. We also provided   free quality tuition support to about 40 students of class IX & X in academic sessions of 2009-10, 2010-11, 2011-12 and 2012-13 by competent teachers appointed by us. Six of our first batch of  stake holders  appeared  at Madhyamik examination in 2011 and we were proud to see that five of them came out successful with one getting first division and two girls scoring more than fifty percent marks.

This time bound programme of providing free tuition support to the students continued till holding of Madhyamik Examination  in February, 2013. In 2012 6 stake holders appeared at Madhyamik Exam. and 5 of them crossed the hurdle wirh one being placed in first division. This boy happens to be a thallassaemia patient since childhood and Kholo Aankhi took upon itself the responsibility to bear the cost of his regular treatment .  Kholo Aankhi , with support of one of its ardent well-wishers   sponsored his treatment and educational expenses till he completed Higher secondary examination in 2014 and thereafter we have been continuing to support his medical expense. In 2013 two girls from project Sahaj Path appeared at Madhyamik Exmination and came out successfully.

During these years ,we  achieved to build-up close bond with the students and earned trust and confidence from their parents. That apart, growing awareness among the villagers  was being developed gradually about the necessity and significance of education in their lives which found reflections in the programmes organized to felicitate the successful stake holders when they responded heartily and appreciated our modest effort. Change Initiatives, a developmental organization, the Panchayat and the local community  provided active support to this project.

Drawing inspiration from above we  launched  another project under  Sahajpath in 2011  initially by offering  free tuition support outside school hours to a large group of  students (about 35 in number) of class V and class VI and thereafter to promotees(30 in number) in 2012 too of Ram MohanVidya Mandir for Girls’ High School at Beliaghata, Kolkata in four  groups to receive individual attention from the teachers . The said students coming from poor socio economic background and having no support from their parents at home due to poverty and lack of basic education fell behind gradually to keep pace with class room teaching of the school. The school authorities provided infrastructural support.  We also provided lunch to enable them to pursue their after- school classes without  pang of hunger since they had to leave their home early in the morning to attend school.

It is heartening to note that due to sustained, sincere and empathic efforts of our teachers and support from our organization, the students  gained confidence and drew  inspiration from Kholo Aankhi  to  carry on their education braving poverty and social obstacles. The teachers of Rammohon Bidyamandir  also noticed positive changes in their quality of  education as well as in their behavior.

Basanti Devi Colony, Bidhan Nagar (24Parganas-N) :

Drawing significant experience and insights from our Beliaghata learning centre, we decided to open a free quality after school learning centre for the primary students [class I to iv] belonging to poor disadvantaged section at community level. Primary education opens up a new world before the wondering eyes of a child and is the most important step in a child’s life long education and  a crucial stage in a child’s formative development to  shape the child into a learner, thinker and a social being. It provides openings  for their energy, creativity and emotion. We proposed to impart quality education from the primary stage so that after coming to High School, they could face the challenges of curriculum without feeling isolated and losing self-reliance. 

Before opening the centre, an in-depth survey was conducted  by us at the said colony revealing a dismal picture of primary education in the area. The dark side of primary education is grounded in the poor socio-economic condition of the community.

We are happy  that after our long search for an ideal location, we  could open our cherished free after- school supportive learning centre from 5p.m to 7p.m  in 2011 at Basanti Niketan Bidyapith near Chingrighata off E.M.Bypass for  the primary students of Basanti Debi Colony studying at different schools. The students come from disadvantaged section of the society and donot   get any learning support from their parents  since they themselves had no opportunity to learn in their childhood. The parents especially mothers are very keen to educate their children in view of the sufferings they face in absence of basic education.  

Our main objective at this centre is to ensure that the children, after reaching  High School in class v will be proficient in reading, writing, doing sums and will never feel isolated. They will equate them with mainstream education and meet the challenge of curriculum of class v successfully and  will not be compelled to drop out in the midway failing to keep pace with class room teaching. 

We have now about 50 children and 4 teachers and 1 teacher cum coordinator at the centre and quality of education and sincere approach of the centre  have  already impressed the people in  the locality. We have been receiving more and more  requests from them to give their children  opportunity of learning at our centre . We also have one competent  drawing teacher to impart drawing lessons to the students. She also teaches values of life, nature and saroundings, environment etc through regulat workshops. A music teacher teaches music once in a week. We are concerned about the decadent culture gripping the society particularly among the urban poor casting deep impact on the children. We do sincerely make efforts to foster their innocence by cultivating their inner talents, by organizing sports , sit and draw competitions etc. The first sit and draw competition and the first annual sports meet were held on 14.10.12 & 03.03.13 respectively with much enthusiasm. Significantly, mothers of the children participated in the sports in large numbers and expressed their closed bond with Kholo Aankhi.

Our coordinator regularly visits the places of the children,interact with their mothers and impress upon them to send their children regularly to our centre in time and to see that their children make it a habit to read at home in the morning and in the evening. The mothers listen attentively and assure to do their best for betterment of their children. In the mean time, attendance in our centre has improved satisfactorily.

As a part of Sahaj Part Project we distribute text books to some students of Patuli, Baishnabghata who are coming from very needy families.



A project on hand embroidery launched in 2010 at Patuli, 24Pargans(S) conducted free training programme for women from June to August 2010. About 50 women of this project are from marginalised section of the society took part and became our stake holders. In 2011, another group of ten at Bardhaman district joined the project. The women after some times started earning through their embroidery works which are displayed and appreciated by the visitors in our exhibitions held annually at our office at Patuli. We also participate in exhibitions in different places arranged by other organisations.  We hope that in the long run Sucharu will embrace more and more needy women to lead a better life with honour and dignity having some sort of economic independence through generation of income.

Other Initiatives

Celebration of Birth Anniversary of  Late Mrigendra Mohan Guha
Every year on 1st march, we observe birth anniversary of our teacher and pathfinder late Mrigendra Mohan Guha, a great human being through various social activities.
2010 – 84th birth anniversary was observed at Bodhipeeth, by screening a films show Damu for the mentally retarded inmates of the home and by hosting a dinner too to bring joyful moments in their life.
2011 – 85th birthday was observed at Rishi Jagadish Vidyalay at Maniktala,  Kolkata by distributing materials needed for the school as well as for the students about 85 in numbers who come from slums and shanties of nearby areas.
2012 -86th anniversary was observed at Bodhipeeth by screening Goopee Gayen  Bagha Bayen by Satyajit Ray and hosting dinner to bring smiles to the mentally challenged inmates.
2013 – 87th birth day was observed amongst the ailing children in paediatric (medicine & surgery) Dept, patients of oncology dept and general female ward of Calcutta Medical College and Hospital. We also distributed fruits and sweets to them. The mixed feeling of pain, sorrow and hope taught us a great lesson to tread the path of Kholo Aankhi has embarked upon with humility to stand by those who need most.

Durga Puja Celebration
2009 – Gifted new clothes to visually challenged children on the occasion of Durga puja festival through Voice of World.
2010 – Distributed in association with Ghosh family of North Kolkata useful kitchen materials to Bodhipeeth, a home for  mentally retarded  in  memory of late Gouri Guha, our 1st Honorary Member and wife of late Mrigendra Mohan Guha.
2011 – We gifted new clothes to 40 students of Ram Mohan Bidyamandir for Girls’ High School, the stake holders of our Sahajpath project.
2012 – We, jointly with one of our well wishers and her family handed over new garments to 66 stake holders of our Sahajpath project at Chingrighata and 30 students of Ram Mohan Bidyamandir for Girls’ High School

 Kholo Aankhi distributed 20000 halogen tablets in the village of Chotomollakhali in Sunderban devastated by Aila in 2009 through a medical camp organised by Voice of World, a Kolkata based NGO.

Associated with Special education and HEPSN [Higher Education for Persons with Special Need] Cell, Jadvpur University and Anya Bhuban – a voluntary organisation in recording study materials for visually challenged undergraduates and postgraduate students.

Our Well wishers

In July 2012 Inner Wheel Club of Slat Lake City distributed 30 umbrellas amongst the needy students of Ram Mohan Bidyamandir for Girls’ High School.

On 15th August Rongin Swapno,  a voluntary social organisation offered many useful articles and study materials to around 65 students of Sahajpath at Chingrighata.

On the eve of Diwali on 11th November 2012, the  students of our Sahajpath Project at Chingrighata    greeted the young engineering students of Photo Club of Heritage Engineering College who gifted drawing books, crayons, food packets etc. They  gifted our stakeholders copy books and drawing books again on 5th June 2013 as the students  need it on a regular basis.

Club Friday,  a voluntary organisation distributed exercise books to the students at Chingrighata on 7th February 2013

Crayon of Hope, an initiative of One Billion Minds, an organisation crazy for innovation  held  workshops on drawing on  four consecutive Saturdays of April and May culminating  in sit & draw competition  on 5th Saturday. The workshop led by Swastika Gurung and her team evoked warm response from the students.